River Oak Christian Academy exists to “provide a strong, Biblical foundation and academic excellence within a Christian environment that will prepare students to impact the world for Christ.”


The education of children and youth must have as its primary goal the salvation and discipleship of the next generation. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to River Oak Christian Academy that our students acquire the qualities of a devoted follower of Jesus Christ exhibiting wisdom and knowledge within a biblical worldview.


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The educational philosophy of River Oak Christian Academy is based on the Bible as the sole authority of the contents of our curriculum, for evaluating truth, for determining practices and as the basis of our faith. The purpose of Christian education is to glorify God by teaching children about God, His laws and His love. Our goal is to teach a Biblical Worldview and to train children for a life of service within a school environment of academic excellence.

The Holy Spirit uses the Word through the entire educational process to cultivate the student’s fellowship with God, to develop a Christian mind within each student, and to instruct the student in godly living. The faculty, teachers, and staff, as born-again believers, must model the life of Christ as revealed in the Bible and develop personal relationships with their students. Students must be taught God’s Word in order to fully know Him, thereby recognizing Him as the only source of truth. As a result of this teaching, the student will be able to interpret and integrate biblical foundations and truth, honorably applying his or her own God-given abilities and personality. Students will be taught the value of citizenship by understanding biblical concepts of freedom, human dignity, and authority. These skills will better equip the student to live and work with others at home, school, church, and in a changing society, thus becoming a committed servant and leader within the body of Christ.