River Oak Christian Academy Continuous Enrollment Contract

This Continuous Enrollment Contract (CEC) is made and entered between River Oak Christian Academy and the undersigned responsible party(ies) (the “Responsible Party(ies)”) for the student. In consideration of enrollment at River Oak Christian Academy, the Responsible Party(ies), do hereby agree to the following:

Term of Continuous Enrollment Contract

This Contract applies for the first academic year for which it is signed and will automatically renew for each successive academic year until the earlier of (1) the student’s graduation from the school, (2) withdrawal of the student in accordance with the terms set forth in the withdrawal section below, or (3) termination of the student’s enrollment by River Oak Christian Academy in accordance with published policies and procedures.

Schedule of Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees may be adjusted annually by the River Oak Christian Academy School Board, each year in January, the school will notify the Responsible Party(ies) what the tuition and mandatory fees will be for the upcoming academic year. Tuition and fees shall include the tuition amount, continuous enrollment fee, and such other mandatory fees as the River Oak Christian Academy School Board may approve. Any incidental expenses or fees not included in the fees quoted on the schedule of tuition and fees will be billed separately by River Oak for such optional activities or programs in which the student participates.

Tuition Plan Selection

The Responsible Party(ies) understand that I/we will elect a payment plan through the FACTS Tuition Management System and that this election will remain in effect unless changed by the Responsible Party(ies) for a subsequent academic year. The following plans for tuition payment plans are available: monthly, semester, and annually.

Continuous Enrollment Fee

The Responsible Party(ies) agree to pay the Continuous Enrollment Fee upon execution of this enrollment contract, plus all tuition and mandatory fees for future years as they become due. The Continuous Enrollment Fee (CEF) for the following academic year will be billed on March 1. If you withdraw prior to March 1, the CEF will not be billed. If you do not withdraw prior to March 1, the CEF for the following year will be due and payable and will not be waived or refunded. An enrollment spot cannot be guaranteed for an academic year until the Continuous Enrollment Fee for that year is paid.

Student/Parent Handbook

By signing this contract either electronically or on paper, you agree to accept, and you and your child(children) agree to abide by, the rules and regulations of River Oak Christian Academy as stated in the Student/Parent Handbook and any revision made thereto. A copy of this handbook will be given to each family at the beginning of each school year.

Withdrawal Policies

To withdraw your student at any time for the current or following school year, you must complete and return the Withdrawal Form, available through the FACTS family portal or from the school office. The opportunity to withdraw will be open until March 1 for the following school year with no financial penalty. In other words, after signing this contract, your child will be automatically enrolled at River Oak Christian Academy until eighth-grade graduation unless you tell us otherwise.

In the event the student withdraws after the opt-out period or is dismissed, the balance of any outstanding tuition will be due immediately and payable to River Oak Christian Academy.

Other Terms and Conditions:

It is understood that enrollment for an academic year is contingent upon the student’s satisfactory completion of the previous academic year and the Responsible Party(ies) remaining in good financial standing with River Oak Christian Academy.


  • We agree that the term of my student’s continuous enrollment begins with this signed CEC and, thereafter, continues automatically through the completion of Grade 8 or, if necessary, until the Withdrawal Form is completed and received by River Oak Christian Academy.
  • We agree to keep our student’s demographic information, emergency contacts, and approved pick-up people updated in Ren Web or other recordkeeping systems maintained by River Oak Christian Academy.
  • We agree to maintain my/our selected FACTS financial agreement. We agree to the financial policies set forth in this agreement and acknowledge that we will review the Student/Parent Handbook each year for any changes to those policies and agree to abide by all rules and policies as set forth therein.
  • We pledge to pay tuition and fees in a timely manner. I understand that my child may be dismissed when the past due tuition and fees balance exceeds 20% of the family’s annual responsibility. In the case of unexpected financial hardship, it is our responsibility to contact the school office to arrange a meeting with the Head of School and/or School Board Treasurer.
  • A spot for the upcoming year will not be held for a student if any tuition or fees are past due by 30 days or more. All amounts due for the prior year must be paid in full by June 1.
  • We understand that there will be no reduction in tuition for time missed by our child due to illness or other reasons.
  • We understand that if our child is dismissed or withdrawn during or at the end of the school year, student records will not be released to anyone until the school account is paid in full.
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