The study of art at River Oak Christian Academy allows the students to experience the elements of art by studying the beautiful artistic works of God, the Creator, and to have a greater understand of how God communicates His truth and love for mankind in His creations. Students are encouraged to use their unique talents to be creative in both realistic and nonrealistic art including both religious and nonreligious subjects.

Students engage in creative activities that exceed craft projects in that students are exposed to elements of art and principles of communicating ideas through artwork.

River Oak Christian Academy utilizes Artsonia as a way to preserve their artwork and also earn money for the school. Click here to learn more about this “art museum”


God created us as musical beings with the ability to interpret, create, and express sound unlike any other of His magnificent creations. The River Oak Christian Academy music program exists to guide students to learn ways to develop their musical learning and understanding so that they can apply it to a life of discipleship. Students learn song selections to perform at different community events, chapels, or school-wide programs.

Students in all grades receive music instruction twice a week.

Their learning involves:

Instrumental Music

Students in grades 3-6 participate in learning to play recorders. Students in grades 4-6 may participate in the orchestra. Students are responsible for providing their own instruments.

Homeschool Elective

River Oak Christian Academy invites homeschool families to enroll by semester for art and/or music.

Art Elective

The art class is a once weekly class for 40 minutes.

Semester Fee: $100 

Music Elective

The music class is 40 minutes, two days a week.

Orchestra Elective

Orchestra is offered for students in grades 4-6. Class is 40 minutes, two days a week.

Semester Fee: $100

For more information on the schedule for the elective classes, contact the school.